Flow air purifier LUVT M75 / M150


The flow air purifier LUVT M75 / M150 is a device certified by the National Institute of Hygiene with a very wide range of applications. These products are designed to be mounted on a wall or ceiling. It can be used for temporary or continuous operation. Thanks to the application dedicated to PCs and mobile devices, we can design a disinfection schedule flexibly.

The built-in calendar allows full control of working time. The operation time counter will inform the user about the need to replace the heater and filters. A modern radiator with a reduced amount of mercury works for a minimum of 9,000 hours, which gives 3 years without replacing the radiator, when it is used 10h / day.

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Product Description

The closed design of LUVT products allows for continuous use in the presence of people, animals and plants in the room, while ensuring high effectiveness in the fight against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The products are white or black as a standard.

LUVT M75 is a device with a power of 75W – product data sheet (link)

LUVT M150 is a device with a power of 150W – product data sheet (link)


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