LUVT V4 module for air disinfection in ventilation ducts.


The universal module for air disinfection in LUVT ventilation ducts is a response to the microbiological hazard in ventilation systems.
LUVT V4 is a revolutionary device that cleans the ventilation ducts of bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms, using UV lamps.

The device has been designed so that it can be used in both new and existing ventilation ducts. Thanks to the ease of installation
and appropriate design, it will not interfere with existing systems, regardless of their size and air flow rate.

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Product Description

The module is produced in several versions, with the use of an appropriate number of radiators, in order to adapt to virtually every
cross-section of the ventilation duct. The device is equipped with appropriate software and sensors, thanks to which the user
will be able to automate the operation of the device.

LUVT V4 has the following features:

– remote ability to turn the device on or off via the network
– setting a work schedule
– reporting on device operation (including irregularities)
– automatic adjustment of the LUVT V4 operating mode to the ventilation operating mode (amount of air pumped)
– intelligent energy saving system Application:

The LUVT V4 module is universal and can be successfully used in practically all ventilation systems, both in round and rectangular ducts.

LUVT V4 is a registered industrial design RCD at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante. The product has been thoroughly tested for the effectiveness of air disinfection in an extended scope and we have received a document confirming compliance with PN-EN 17272, issued by the Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer of the Medical University of Lodz.


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