Electronic LUVT IQ12 dispenser


The LUVT IQ12 dispenser is a modern hand disinfectant dispensing device. The operation is based on the use of a dedicated dosing pump and supporting software, thanks to which we can regulate the amount of the dispensed fluid, its high repeatability, and control its use through the reserve indicator. An additional convenience is the use of sound signals while dosing.. The LUVT IQ12 dispenser is adapted for using a fluid reservoir, even with a capacity of 12 litres, which makes it convenient to use.

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Product Description

We have made every effort to ensure that the dispensers are characterised by high durability and aesthetic design. The housing aesthetics is emphasised by illuminated construction elements. In the case of larger orders, we will adjust the appearance to customer requirements by matching the colour of the housing and placing an illuminated logo.


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