Scientific research has clearly proven the effectiveness of UV-C rays in combating mould, fungi, viruses such as SARS, H1N1, H5N1, coronaviruses causing COVID-19 disease and dangerous, pathogenic bacteria. This method of air disinfection is especially recommended by the WHO because it is safe and effective.

No. Unlike chemical disinfection that can stay on the surface, decontamination with UV-C lamps leaves the surfaces 100% safe for skin contact.

The device is intended for rooms with a capacity of up to 60 m3, i.e. about 20 m2. The disinfection of such cubature should take about an hour. In the case of rooms with constant presence of people, we recommend setting the device to operate in continuous mode.
The increase of the room cubature requires the use of the LUVT M150 model (the efficiency of which increases to 120 m3 / h) or the installation of an additional device.

Flow air purifier reduces the amount of dust that is present in the air and accumulates dust in the filter surface of the M75 / M150 device, but will not replace a vacuum cleaner and mechanical dust removal.

Yes, in addition to air sterilization, it neutralizes unpleasant odours.

The ozone treatment of rooms also kills bacteria, fights fungi and moulds. However, the ozonation does not kill viruses. Moreover, ozonation should not be carried out in the presence of people, as it may be harmful to health, which excludes the operation of continuous ozonation devices.

We used an ultra-quiet, special fan with balanced blades, the best available in the market. Operation of the device is practically inaudible.

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