Safety in the age of the LUVT pandemic We have entered a new reality in 2020. Along with the Coronavirus pandemic, we have begun to pay special attention to the microbiological risk. The threat is particularly dangerous, because it is invisible.

Our products and services are related to the counteraction and prevention of biomedical threats. Along with the awareness of the risk, we must apply new methods of ensuring safety in the workplace for employees and customers.
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Flow air purifier LUVT M75 / M150 is designed so that it can be mounted in rooms in any position: on the wall, ceiling or as a free-standing device (LUVT M75s / M150s).

Depending on the version it is characterised by a compact, inconspicuous and aesthetic design. Thanks to this, it will look good in any, even small room.



LUVT M75 / M75s is equipped with a UV-C lamp with a power of 75W from Philips that lasts over 9,000 hours. This lamp emits 23W of UV-C radiation.

LUVT M150 / M150s is a more efficient device, because it is equipped with a more powerful / additional fan, as well as 150W UV-C radiators, which gives greater efficiency and enables to clean rooms with a larger cubature.

The LUVT M75 / M75s device is designed for rooms with a capacity of up to 60 m3, i.e. about 20 m2 per hour. 

For larger room sizes, we recommend using the LUVT M150 / M150s model, the performance of which increases twice (up to 120 m3 / 40 m2 per hour), or in the case of larger rooms, using several LUVT devices.

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The LUVT M75 / M75s / M150 / M150s family of products is equipped with a dedicated application for mobile devices and desktop computers, thanks to which the user will be able to program the device’s operation freely. The built-in calendar allows you to program the working time so that you can use it more efficiently.

Application will inform the user about the working time and possible failure. The built-in operation time counter will inform the user about the need to replace the heater and filters. The application has a clear, intuitive interface, thanks to which the use of the LUVT M75 / M150 / M 75s / M 150s product family is user-friendly.



The LUVT M75 / M150 and M75s / M150s family of products is certified by the National Institute of Public Health – PZH in terms of safety for users. We use Philips lamps that guarantee high quality and have the TUV certificate.

PZH certificate to be downloaded


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